Thursday, March 15, 2012


If you narrow things down enough, eventually everything ceases to become ordinary.
Out of the entirety of the human population, educated people are ordinary.  Out of the high school educated population, philosophers are rather ordinary, since most people debate the meaning of life or work at some point in their life.  Out of all 'philosophers' people who spend their lives dedicated to higher thoughts are unordinary.
Pragmatists look at philosophy with the idea that humans could be far more successful with their lives if we weren't caught up on unsolvable conundrums and trying to solve them.  Countless wars, deaths and atrocities have been waged over the question of which religion is correct.  Some scholars have dedicated their lives to answering one question, like what exactly does 'ordinary' mean, or what is the starting point of life.  Pragmatism is abnormal in comparison to most philosophers.  Instead of trying to find the best answer to a question that can stand up to logical questioning, they search for the answer that makes it easiest for people to move on with their lives.

 As usual, I'm not sure where my point is here.

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