Sunday, March 18, 2012

"No State Once Gone Can Recur"

At first I was skeptical after reading James' statement "No state once gone can recur and be identical with what it was before." But as he says, the object that you view or inspires your thought may be the same but other factors have changed. I could stand in a field one day and have certain thoughts, or a certain state of consciousness. I could go to the same field a week later and stand in the same spot. I could wear the same outfit, position myself the same,  and repeat the same behaviors from the other day. However, I will have had other experiences and thoughts since the last time I was in the field and therefore, I could not have the exact same thoughts as I did a week before. And if I tried to force myself to have the same thoughts, this would not be organic and I would fail to not be led onto a different path of consciousness. At least, I think that's what James meant.

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  1. I felt that James was referring to thinking back on old memories as well. You may think back to that cherished memory of going fishing with your dad or the suspense of your parents saying 'we have a surprise for you!' after graduation, but you can never have the full memory. The wonder is gone. The little things that made it all the more special -the ones you left out when you retold the story to your friends and family, are what makes it so much better. The memory is even slightly different with each passing thought of it, as what you remember is dictated by mood. He didn't say most of that, I was expanding.