Thursday, February 16, 2012

To walk or not to walk

As I was reading Dorothy's Journals, I kept getting drawn into the entries (especially the long ones), only to be dragged out by other people in the room talking to me.  Outside of the fact that I find her a superb writer and wish I had those skills, I couldn't help but see the differences between my life and hers.  This thought process culminated with a phone call from my mother, who ended the conversation with "You haven't been wandering around alone up there, have you?"  I keep thinking how wonderful it would be to live in her time, where she could walk for miles, through forests and marshes, completely alone and without any mentionable fear.  I can't go anywhere alone back in Annapolis for fear of creeps and I don't feel a whole lot safer up here in Farmington.  I would love to have few responsibilities and get to spend all of my time immersed in good literature and outdoors and exploring.  However, I would most likely end up one of those poor beggars that she talks so much about, since I'm sure few people had the chance that she did.  Also, I would have to depend completely on a man, while I would much rather stand on my own two feet.  Besides, knowing all of the stuff that I know now, I'm not sure I could give up a life of knowledge and equality, much less modern conveniences.  So to sum up the differences: writing skills, walking adventures, gender equality, quality of life.

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