Thursday, February 16, 2012

Put Some Feeling Into It

Dorothy's entries are written in a very matter of fact manner. They consist of descriptions and brief summaries of her activities. I found most of her entries to be devoid of emotion. Even when she talks of her feelings she does so briefly. For example, she says she felt "deepest melancholy" and states, "I grew so sad" (36, 37). She does not elaborate on these feelings. It is as if she is just stating her feelings because they were another happening among her list of events that occurred that day. She doesn't why she feels sad and she doesn't try to work through her emotions. There seems to be a lot underneath her exterior that she is not showing. She frequently has headaches, gets depressed when William is away, and is obsessed with receiving letters. She is understandably lonely, but why doesn't she discuss these feelings?

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